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Hernan Betancur

Human5 EP

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This time we have a new comer in Basswalk, Hernan Betancur with his two track Human5 EP. The first one, Human5 presents a funky rhythm with a catchy base that makes ground for the wind instruments at the background that get the track into a crazy party vibe. For All5 is a clubby track that haves a groovy bass line and a strong tech house base, which together creates this special dance floor tool with some dark vocals during the break to complement it. On the remixes we have two amazing works from the Kaiq and Jamie Power. Kaiq turned Human5 into a hypnotic remix with a constantly changing acid synth at the backend and great ambiences. The bass line and base works perfect and drives this remix with great ease through your ears. Jamie Power went for deep house road and created really cool remix with a nice beach vibe, full of electric pianos, works in the vocals and perfectly placed fxs. A very complete a varied ep with many fantastic options to choose.
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AJ Christou
“two originals are my favourite”

Alejandro Fernandez

Alex AQ
“Nice pack!”

Alexander Necaa
“thnx :)”

“Great pack!!! For All5 original is my fav thanks!”

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Ari El
“Great release thanks”

Ariel Rodz
“Nice release”

Arjun Vagale
“Human5 is dope”

Brothers In Progress
“Hernan Betancur – Human5 (Original Mix) is fav…Thx”

“Human5 for us..Support”

David Herrero
“nice! Thanks for the music”

Diego Infanzon
“thanks !”

Edgar De Ramon
“Human5 Original is perfect for me, Thanks!!! ;)”

Erik Hagleton
“very nice :-) thanks for the promo”

“nice track”

Fabio Ferro
“”For All5 (Original Mix)” is my fav ! Thank you !”

Fer BR
“Humn 5 it´s sick!! will try for all5 too”

Gaetano C
“Nice Release, Remix for Me !!”

Gery Otis
“great tracks!! support thx ; )”

Gianluca Caldarelli
“Great sound. Two originals for me, thanks”

“Download for Gorge”

Guido Nemola

“nice original”

“thanks for all guys!”

Leonardo Gonnelli
“like original thx”

“thx for the music”

“human5 & for all5 for me!”

Mauro Alpha
“will try both original thx :)”

“Good ep, thanks”

“jamie power remix is good!!”

Mike Rosse
“nice pumping grooves! Me like!Big Support!!”

“Love all tracks!”

Nexus DJ
“Kaiq remix for me!”

Nuria Ghia
“Jaime Power remix for me. Nice Ep, thanks for the music!”

Oliver Moldan
“original for sure!!!”

Olivier Berger
“download For oli”

One D
“Human5 Original mix and Jamie’s rmx are awesome, I’ll play for sure! Thank you so much.”

Paco Osuna
“Downloading Thanks”

“Very good release!”

Rods Novaes
“cool! thanks!”

Ronan Portela
“Human5 orig is great! Will try some though, thx!”

Sasha Carassi
“Solid grooves!”

Someone Else
“2 and 3 for me. might try it out.”

Son Tec (Snake Sedrick)
“Human5 original mix is nice groovy! thanks”

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

“Cool stuff!Thanks ;)”

Toni Vives
“Excellent!!! Full Support@ToniVivesDj Aka Tony V.E”

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