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Alex Gori, Khaan

Underground Lessons EP

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Alex Gori makes a great entrance to Basswalk, but this time also with another great producer like Khaan, who has already delivered some bomb stuff for us before. This Underground Lessons EP is a mix of three fantastic house tracks with the rightful touch of tech on them, that gives them that underground vibe as the ep name claim it. Back To Honolulu guides you through a deep trip with a fantastic groove created from the soft percussion lines and the two beautiful vocal lines that drives you through it. Mashinelive has a simpler groove and also plays a bit more with some deep house elements, like the synths stabs in background leading the whole track and alongside the subtle vocal line, which this time plays a much more atmospheric role than the previous track. Underground Lessons is the harder one, with dark pitched down vocals, a solid tech house base and a profound bass line that can make your bones shake, shows that this track is perfect to rock any dance floor with nothing else than pure class. Another great inclusion in this ep are Luca M & JUST2, which for the first time here are presenting a work together for us and the result is amazing. A catchy and groovy bass line serves for ground for the rest of the track, which makes a perfect couple with a very dynamic base and a perfect break to close the idea. Many fxs and occasional sounds complement it with great articulation. Definitely a must have ep.

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Alberto Casallo
“Wow !!! amazing FX”

Alex AQ
“Nice pack!”

Alex Kenji

Ari El
“Underground lessons for me thanks”

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Arjun Vagale
“Luca M, JUST2 Remix is dope”

Brothers In Progress
“Back To Honolulu (Original Mix) is fav…thx”

“nice ep thx”

Cristian Varela
“Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”

“Nice work…Support”

Danilo Vigorito

“downloading thanks”

David Herrero
“good tracks!”

“Both ‘Back to Honalulu’s’ are good. THANKS!”

Diego Infanzon
“thanks ! Luca M and Just2 for me !”

DJ Fronter
“original and luca m y just remix for me”

Eddy Romero
“The remix sounds great ! Thnks for the promo !”

Fabio Ferro
“Luca M, Just2 Remix and “Underground Lessons” are my fav, Thank you !”

Fabrizio Sala
“luca M , JUST2 REMIX for me!”

Gery Otis
“underground lesson is cool!! :D support and playng for sure!!”

Gianluca Caldarelli
“Nice remix”

Giuseppe Rizzuto
“Underground lessons is my fav…thx”

Guido Nemola
“nice tracks!”

“Remix for me – Thx”

Jonas Wahrlich
“Especially like the rmx.”

Jorge Savoretti
“back to original 4 me!”

“So good! The remix and Underground Lessons are my favs, thank you!”

“thx for your massive support guys ;)”

Leonardo Gonnelli
“all tracks cool, my fav “Luca M, Just2 remix” thx”

“full support for my friend Khaan! Thanks for the music :)”

Luca Doobie
“honolulu rmx is cool, thnx ;) L”

Marco Carola
“download For marco carola”

Mauro Alpha
“Luca M & Just 2 remix for me thx :D”

“Great ep…Thanks!”

Miguel Bastida
“cool ep, thx for the music”

Mirco Violi
“nice tracks”


Nexus DJ
“Luca Remix sounds great !”

Nuria Ghia
“”Underground Lessons” (Original) and the Luca M & JUST” remix for me. Nice work :) Thanks for the music!”

Olene Kadar
“Nice solid tracks.”

Olivier Berger
“download thanks!”

Pablo Rez
“nice release back to honololu”

“Nice! Support and play!”

Richie Hawtin
“downloaded for r hawtin”

Rods Novaes
“strong release! thanks!”

Son Tec (Snake Sedrick)
“Thank you. Luca m, Just2 and Underground lessons for me! nicee”

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

Toby Holguin
“Nice vox & groove in Underground lessons”

Toni Vives
“Thanks For The Great Music!!!Full Support@ToniVivesDj”

Tony Dee
“Remix for me nice job!!!”

Wender A.
“Honolulu (Luca M, Just2 Remix) and Underground Lessons (original) are my fav.. really great bombs!”

White Brothers
“Luca M, Just 2 ROCKS..!! We Play it for Sure..! THX for the music”

Thanks for your support!!