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Andrea Colina, Victor Elle, Marco Capizzi

B20 – B80 EP

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The Italian trio, Andrea Colina, Victor Elle and Marco Capizzi are back again, but this time with the amazing two track B20 – B80 EP. The first track B20, comes from a deep and completely dark perspective, really full underground arrangements and sounds. A really simple groove very well found, with a vivid articulation between soft percussions, deep bass line and short vocal stabs. In another hand we have B80 which presents a much hypnotic rhythm, resulting of the combination of melodic house percussions arranged in a simpler melodic way. A great ambience is created by this, concluding in an extremely groovy track, perfect for any great warm up. Alessan Main & Pirick Aydo decided to go harder on their B80 remix. A very powerful bass line drive this track thought a tunnel of base arrangements and very well placed fxs and vocal elements, creating a superb atmospheric vibe without losing power and effectiveness for a second. A fantastic ep from every beat you look at.

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Alberto Casallo
“B20 (Original Mix) Good Deep House and underground sounds”

Alejandro Fernandez
“Cool ep!Thxx”

Anderson Noise
“downloading thnaks”

Ari El
“Nice Ep loving the groove”

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Arjun Vagale
“great release.”

Brothers In Progress
“Nice Ep…Thx”

“nice music”

“downloading thanks”

“All 3 are great! Will play!”

Deleted Draftz
“Nice release, enjoyed all 3 tracks.”

Diego Infanzon
“Thanks nice pack :)”

DJ Fronter

Eddy Romero
“Will give a try to the remix ….”

Edgar De Ramon
“B20 Original for me, thanks!!!:)”

Fabio Ferro
“B80 (Original Mix) is my fav, Thank you !”

Federico Locchi

“b20 para mi gracias!!”

Gel Abril
“good ep will play!”

Gery Otis
“full support for this release!!! it’s a BOOMB ; )”

Jonas Wahrlich

Juan Camilo Caldas (Darkstar Peru)

Leonardo Gonnelli
“Italian power! cool release, i like also Alessan remix.. great techno trip.. will try out”

“thx for the music.”

Luca Doobie
“maybe the rmx”

Marco Carola
“download For marco carola”

“B20 is the one for me thx!”

Miguel Bastida
“Bomb! thx for the music”


Nexus DJ
“all the tracks are great!!”

Nuria Ghia
“B20 for me. Nice package! Thanks for the music!”

Olivier Berger
“download For oli berger”

“Good techno here! Play and support!”

Renato Lopez Lobo
“Heavy Release!!!!”

Richie Hawtin
“downloaded for r hawtin”

Simbad Segui
“Nice EP! thanks!”

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

Toby Holguin
“nice mood for track 1″

Toni Vives
“Excellent!!!Full Support@ToniVivesDj”

“B80 for me thx”

Wender A.
“Nice tracks! B80 original and Remix for me!”

White Brothers
“Thank You For The Music, Awesome Pack..! All Mixes Are Good, We Play it for Sure.”

Youcef Elaid
“B80 (Original Mix) for me thanks”

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