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Freak The Disco

Ground Attack EP

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For this deliver we have the producer group Freak The Disco, who brought us this four track ep full of groovy tech sounds, with a marked deep tendency. The first track Atmosphere shows a simple but effective base groove alongside a powerful and rhythmic deep bass, which are both arranged perfectly, matching the melody made by the synth line in the breaks. Ground Attack is just that, an attempt to shake the ground from a deep tech perspective, with a great combination of well-placed vocals, synths and fxs, which make their way through the track creating the sensation of heavily loaded track. A really nice track to hear and dance. Tangled Thoughts aims to a more underground vibe with a percussive melody that melts beautifully in the break with a second melody line, created from an electric piano that gets completely wet in delay towards the end of it. Another great sonic experience with a strong base and bass line to guide us through it. Andre Nazareth, one of the group members, did his own version of Ground Attack, keeping the original groove very present but with a bpm tweak and the great decision of adding a sax melody. He also used some greatly found fxs made with some pitched down sax notes, that helps creates a big atmosphere in the track.
Support By:

Alejandro Fernandez

Arjun Vagale
“cool ep”

Brothers In Progress
“Ground Attack (Andre Nazareth Remix)is fav…Thx”

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“Nice pack,atmosphere for us…Support”

Daniel Sanchez

“Downloading thanks”

“Atmosphere… Thx. :)”

Diego Infanzon
“Atmosphere (Original Mix) for me thanks for the promo !”

Fabio Ferro
“Nice ep, Thank you !”

“Ground attack(original)…es una bomba!!gracias”

Gery Otis

Gianluca Caldarelli
“Atmosphere is nice !! thanks :)”

Guido Nemola
“Ground Attack is cool”

“atmosphere sounds voice… will try out… thx”


London Fm

Luca Doobie
“i’ll try atmosphere original.. it sounds good! thanx ;) L”

Luca Fabiani
“Atmosphere fro me! THX!”

Massimo Cassini
“Andrea Nazareth is the one here.. but the sax, kill the track! Nice break melody on “tangled thoughts” is like a medieval shot! Anyway thx for sending!”

Mauro Alpha
“will try nazareth remix”

“what a great pack…Great support…Ground Attack over all! Thanks”


Nathan Coles
“Will try, Thanks. :)”

Nexus DJ
“nice ep!”

Nuria Ghia
“”Atmosphere” for me. Thanks for the music!”

Olivier Berger
“download For marco carola”

Renato Lopez Lobo
“cool EP!”

Ruben Mandolini

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

Toby Holguin
“ground attack !”

Toni Vives
“Thanks For The Great Music!!!Full Support@ToniVivesDj”


White Brothers
“Andre Nazareth Remix!! Super!”

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