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Matt Keyl

The Element EP

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It’s the turn of Matt Keyl with his three track Element EP. In here we can appreciate a combination of several styles mixed beautifully. The Element presents a refined combination of tech structure with the addition of deep house synth stabs, subtle percussions and soft vocals which are perfectly balanced with a groovy bass line. The Hangar rises up the bet with much more dance floor approach with his continuous string bass and well placed delay fxs, creating a very nice party mood. Osiris goes through the hypnotic tech path with a very perfectly found ambience in the background and the synth line doubled with the bass line to match the groove of the notes. We have as first remixer to the amazing producer from Mindshake, Dela, who delivered a powerful re-interpretation of The Element presenting a groove twist from the original and creating an amazing track for the dance floor with its strong bass line and delicate work with the vocals in the background. Last and not least, Jesus Soblechero from Spain, was the man in charge of remixing The Hangar. He focused on the continuous bass line maintaining the original vibe with a deeper selection of groove and sounds. A great masterpiece to add to your collection!

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Alessan Main

“downloaded for arado”

Arjun Vagale
“bomb mix from Dela. Osiris is hot as well”

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Brothers In Progress
“Matt Keyl – The Element (Dela Remix)for us…Thx”

Cristian Varela
“Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”

“Nice Pack..Support”

“Nice release, downloading Thanks”

“Glad to be a part. Great release all-around. Thx.”

DJ Fronter
“Dela For me !! is great”

Eddy Romero
“Jesus Soblechero is my man !”

Edgar De Ramon
“i’ll play for sure!! Thanks for the music :)”

“nice ep”

Fabio Ferro
“Osiris for me ! Thank you !”

“super ep thanks!!”

Gel Abril
“dela mix is cool tnx!”

Gery Otis
“nice pack here!! my fav.is Dela REMIX”

Gianluca Caldarelli
“nice. Element original and remix for me. tnx”

Giuseppe Rizzuto
“Great EP.Dela rmx and the hangar are for me…thx”

Guido Durante
“cool tracks as usual from Matt!!”

John Lagora
“Both Element’s for me. Dela made a really good job. thanks”

Juan Camilo Caldas (Darkstar Peru)

“great release all originals for me will def play … remixes are nice nice as well…full support !!!”

Luca Doobie
“i’ll try jesus remix thnx”

“nice ep !”

Marco Carola
“download for marco carola”

Massimo Cassini
“support. nice pack. thankssss”

Mauro Alpha
“wow!!!massive release!!love it..difficult to choose the best one..maybe Soblechero ;)”

“Osiris is the one for me…thx”

Miguel Bastida
“big ep, thx for the music”

“One of my favs!”

Nexus DJ
“Dela remix sounds great!! fantastic ep!”

Nima Gorji
“Thanks for the music ! Downloading for Nima Gorji.”

Nuria Ghia
“Dela Remix for me! Nice package! Thanks for the music!”

“dela remix, thanks”

Olivier Berger
“download for marco carola and oli berger”

Paul Cart
“Bomb EP! Osiris for me”

“Hard to pick a favourite here! Great music! Thanks!”

Renato Lopez Lobo
“Great EP :)”

Richie Hawtin
“downloaded for r hawtin”

Ronan Portela
“great music! testing soon… support thx!”

Ruben Mandolini
“Element orig & Dela remix and Osiris …cooool! support!”

Sami Wentz
“Hangar is one of my favourite, good job !”

Sasch BBC
“osiris is nice!”

Sasha Carassi
“Nice,will support!”

Someone Else
“diggin some of this.”

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

Toby Holguin
“matt “the key” kewl”

Toni Vives
“Excellent!!!Full Support@ToniVivesDj”

Wender A.
“The Element (Dela Remix) and Orisis (Original) are very good!”

White Brothers
“Only quality Sound On Basswalk…!! Super Release we like and play all mixes..Support”

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