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Space EP

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We are very pleased to bring you a fantastic ep from Fabier. These two tracks have a mixture of tech and pure house, worked in such way that you will really love them. Wolf has powerful bass with some amazing hypnotic vocals that introduces you into a deep trip. Space has a deeper vibe with the synth stabs, but still has a strong base that can make you dance. A great addition to this ep is the Aldo Cadiz remix of Wolf, made from a really great rhythmic perspective. To finish the ep from Argentina we have LondonGround with his cool tech mix of Space, which has a simple but really effective groove. You must check this great piece of tech house tracks, you will not be disappointed.

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Alessan Main

Anderson Noise
“downloading thanks”

Arjun Vagale
“Aldo Cadiz Remix is dope”

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Brothers In Progress
“Fabier – Space (Original Mix)is one…Thx”

Brothers Vibe
“Aldo Cadiz Remix is fav”

Chad Andrew
“LondonGround remix for me!”

“thx you”

Cristian Olivera

Cristian Varela
“Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks !”

“LondonGround for me …Support”

“downloading, thanks”

Darlyn Vlys
“Solid EP Like the 2 mixes”

“Nice release. Really dig Space (Orig). Thanx!”

Eddy Romero
“Londonground ground enough Support !!”

Edgar De Ramon
“London Ground rmx!!i’ll play. thanks for the music :)”


Fabio Ferro
“Great ep… Full Support ! Thank you !!!”

Fer BR
“will try “wolf” thnx!”

Francesco Bonora
“i like LondonGround rmx!”

Gel Abril
“cadiz mix for me tnx!”

Gianluca Caldarelli
“Very nice. Tnx :)”

Guido Durante
“good rmx from Aldo”

Guido Nemola
“nice latin sound”

Hector Couto
“nice sound!”

“Cadiz remix is nice”

“Nice EP – LondonGround Remix my favourite”

“nice ep”

Jorge Savoretti
“londonground rmx 4 me! cool funk”

“wolf original & aldo cadiz remix are huge… full support!!!”

Leonardo Gonnelli
“londonground remix for me!”

Luca Doobie
“londonground 4 me thnx”

Luca M
“Wolf is simply amazing! Thanks”

“aldo cadiz remix is supercool ! thx”

Marco Carola
“download for marco carola”

Massimo Cassini
“Absolutely…CADIZ !! Thanks will try them out”

Mauro Alpha
“wolf both tracks!!!!love them”

Max Noize
“londonground remix for me thanks”

Michel De Hey
“Will try Space (Original). Thanks…”


Nexus DJ
“Nice ep, full support!”

Nima Gorji
“Thanks for the music.Downloading for Nima Gorji”

Nino Santos
“Aldo Cadiz Remix is off the hook !! Wav please !!”

Nuria Ghia
“Nice Ep! Great LondonGround Remix. I’ll play it! Thanks for the music!”

“Aldo Cadiz remix has an amazing rhythm!”

Omar Salgado
“Really nice. Aldo Cadiz for me. Thanks”

Paul C
“Great track!!! thank U”

Philipp Ort
“Remixes are hot! Will play. thx”

“Will play and support! Great job guys!”

Renato Lopez Lobo
“Londonground remix for me thank!”

Richie Hawtin
“downloaded for r hawtin”

Ronan Portela
“great release, will test some thx!”

Sasch BBC
“nice one! thank you!”

Simbad Segui
“LondonGround Remix is a bomb!!..”

“download for SIS”

Someone Else
“nice ep. i might try it out.”

Stacey Pullen
“cool thanks”

Thomas T
“LondonGround Remix is amazing ;-)”

Toni Vives
“Excellent!!!Full Support@ToniVivesDj”

“Nice Pack…Wolf original & Rmx’s. 4me. Thanx.”

“londonground Fspp.”

Wally Stryk
“mega support !”

Wender A.
“LondonGround Remix is great! thks”

White Brothers
“Nice Ep Thanks, Space is For Us..Support!”

Youcef Elaid
“Londonground remix for me Nice EP”

Thanks for your support!!