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Ignacio Robles

Whiti Te Ra EP

$1.49 –   
$1.49 –   

The Argentinean Ignacio Robles created a super organic track, with an incredibly simple but effective rhythm and a great pack of vocals too. Finally to give the house touch to this track, the subtle synth line makes perfect harmony with the groovy bass line. Jamie Power gave us again a superb and cool deep house remix as he got us used to. Definitely an amazing remix from a super talented artist. You must check this ep.

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“nice one !”

Alberto Casallo
“The Jaime Power Remix as always the best mix, the sound is very pro”

Brothers In Progress
“Whiti Te Ra (Jamie Power Remix)for us… Thx”

“Nice work..Support”

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“will try thanks”

Edgar De Ramon
“I’ll try it out, thanks for the music :)”

“Jamie Power remix for me thanks”

Fabio Ferro
“Bomb remix by Jamie Power…Full Support! Thank you !!!”

“jamie power rmx thanks!!!1″

Gery Otis
“cool release!! remix for my thnx!! : )”

Giuseppe Rizzuto
“Jamie is very groovy..great EP…thx”

“nice ep”

Marco Carola
“downloading for marco”

Mauro Alpha
“jamie power :)”

“thanks! support!”


Nacho Casco
“gracias :) buen ep”

Nexus DJ
“Jamie power remix for me!”

Olivier Berger
“download for marco carola”

Philipp Ort
“Jamie Power Remix for me. thx”

“Jamie Power Remix for me thanks!”

Richie Hawtin
“downloaded for r hawtin”

Sasch BBC
“jamie power remix is nice! i like the groove. will try out! thank you”

Zoe Xenia
“Jamie Power Remix sounds great =)”

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