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Max Noize

Funk You EP

$1.49 –   
$1.49 –   
$1.49 –   

This ep has a varied selection of remixes to make so you can’t resist. From nu disco touches of the Brothers In Progress & Ivan Masa remix, going through the tech house re interpretation of Juan Carlos Herrera with some nice percussion grooves, to the purely dance floor original mix by the Italian producer Max Noize. Listen and grab it!

Support By:

Alberto Casallo
“The Brothers in Progress & Ivan Masa remix elegance bassline and overall a very strong track. The Juan Carlos Herrera remix is very close to the original although I like more, more groove”

Angelo Draetta
“support for brothers in progress & ivan masa remix. thanks for sending”

Brothers In Progress

Cristian Olivera
“max noize”

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Danilo Vigorito
“”herrera” remix for me thanks!”

“Nice… Like ALL.”

DJ Fran Garcia
“muy bueno y lleno de energia !!”

Eddy Romero
“Brothers in Progress Remix”

Guido Durante
“usefull tracks!”


Jonas Wahrlich
“Original is cheakily stolen from Bar25, but anyway: it’s cool! :)”

Jose Ausin Campos

Juan Camilo Caldas (Darkstar Peru)
“Total Support!”

Juan Pryor


Mauro Alpha
“funk you! :D”

Nacho Casco
“Gracias :)”

Nexus DJ
“Herrera remix for me !”

Paco Osuna
“downloaded thanks :)”

Richie Hawtin
“download for r hawtin”

Toni Vives
“Como Siempre,Excellente!!!Full Support@TonivivesDj”

“brothers in progress & ivan masa remix, fantastic new sound .. and groove ..”

Zoe Xenia
“nice funky grooves thnx=)”

Thanks for your support!!